I have these really annoying roommates. They're junkies and they are really loud and obnoxious, very untrustworthy as well. They always get on my nerves and make me feel like I have no freedom in my own home. It's ridiculous, and I've tried talking to them,,but they just yelled at us and said that's the reality of roommates and to basically get over it. I think that's not right. I talked to the person who owns the home I share with them, and he likes them and won't do anything about it. It's really discouraging and makes me feel like I'm stuck and alone and helpless. I'm saving my tax refund to move elsewhere.

A few days ago, I witnessed a horrible car accident involving a truck and a car that flipped onto another. Apparently, a young woman had been on her phone and didn't notice traffic in front of her had stopped. I remember riding past it praying they were okay. At least five other motorists who passed by the accident WERE RECORDING FROM THEIR CELL PHONES. Is nothing off-limits? These people could be dead but are definitely seriously injured. A little boy was in one of those vehicles scared to death his grandmother was dead because of how the flipped car fell on theirs. If you want to rubberneck, fine. But keep that recording crap! I later saw on my town's Facebook page a recording and someone saying "praying for the people involved, this is terrible, so close to Christmas, too." I wanted to scream. Prayers don't need video accompanimant. Are we that foregone as a society that we can't express sympathy without "proof" as to why it's appropriate for this situation? Say your prayers to you

Please tell me how Donald Trump is running this country. He has fired every person he hired and he talked about Obama taking to many vacations and he takes one every week but the tweeting is what really gets me Why does someone not take his phone away

Can you tell me what the fascination is with the Kardashians? Why are they so popular . They all look so fake it is not funny. I just do not understand how they make so much money when they have no talent . 9y3x

I just need to say that if you operate a cell phone and a car at the same time you're a really stupid ass person. Thank you.

I don't understand why the media places so much emphasis on negative news stories. These stories make it seem that there is no good within humanity and that we simply want to do harm to others. I think the media should strive to air more positive aspects within society. Maybe those stories will have positive impacts within our youths and society at large. GIHFQ94

It really bugs me that everything these days is political. A person can't do or say anything without someone taking offense or reading a hidden meaning into everything that is done or said. Real discussion is dead.

I’ve lived in five states since my divorce and have rented a place to live in each one, mostly with a year lease and I have not violated one. I have had the property manager try to shaft me on several, and all attempts failed. I lived in Grapevine, Texas when I moved there when the company I worked for was trying to expand. I moved in with the stipulation that if my employer decided to cease operations, I could break the lease without repercussions. Sure enough, seven months later the jobs went dry and I was forced to move back to Colorado. Three months later, I received a letter from a lawyer stating that I owed X number of dollars for breaking the lease and damage to the apartment. As expected, it was a different property manager, they change so frequently, and the agreement I had made with the original one was null and void. Luckily, the original property manager and I had written out our agreement and it was signed by both of us as an attachment to the lease agreement. It seems

I hate politics. I'm also not to fond of the human race. Since the beginning of time we have done nothing, as a species, other than spread out and destroy. Now we have this thing called, politics. I hate it because most all politicians are liars. Especially Donald Trump. I don't even see how that baffoon got elected.

why people in Venezuela are soooo terrible, they put the trash in the street and if the trash truck doesnt come, they put more trash and more trash in the street and they dont separate the trash and all the bad odors, flys are around there and that is very very bad. FL

I have no friends around here but aquintances. Not one of them thought to ask me to spend holidays with them and their family - but they ask other people, who I hang out with , too, just not as much! They have so many at their house that by having 1 ore they wouldn't noticve and it would mean a lot to me, But they talk to me in classes and lunch and dinner so I don't understand!

why does society allow thes half naked women who do not have any real talents be idols for their small children? why is that the normal thing in this day and age? why do you think the world is the way that it is. we are allowing it. we subject ourselves and our daughters to this culture and wonder why things go down a different route. A1ANSFI5L7SUUH

I hate it that i busted my ass off for a company just for them to bring someone else in a give him my postion. A2V5NAZFXWOFXE

I hate when people schedule and appointment and then come in late. when they come in late they say they have to leave early to go to another appointment. They should just reschedule! No proper care can be done in restricted times less than 30 minutes! Just Reschedule !!! AH109UK9A5JZM