I hate when people schedule and appointment and then come in late. when they come in late they say they have to leave early to go to another appointment. They should just reschedule! No proper care can be done in restricted times less than 30 minutes! Just Reschedule !!! AH109UK9A5JZM

I hate it that i busted my ass off for a company just for them to bring someone else in a give him my postion. A2V5NAZFXWOFXE

I have no friends around here but aquintances. Not one of them thought to ask me to spend holidays with them and their family - but they ask other people, who I hang out with , too, just not as much! They have so many at their house that by having 1 ore they wouldn't noticve and it would mean a lot to me, But they talk to me in classes and lunch and dinner so I don't understand!

I have these really annoying roommates. They're junkies and they are really loud and obnoxious, very untrustworthy as well. They always get on my nerves and make me feel like I have no freedom in my own home. It's ridiculous, and I've tried talking to them,,but they just yelled at us and said that's the reality of roommates and to basically get over it. I think that's not right. I talked to the person who owns the home I share with them, and he likes them and won't do anything about it. It's really discouraging and makes me feel like I'm stuck and alone and helpless. I'm saving my tax refund to move elsewhere.

I just need to say that if you operate a cell phone and a car at the same time you're a really stupid ass person. Thank you.