why people in Venezuela are soooo terrible, they put the trash in the street and if the trash truck doesnt come, they put more trash and more trash in the street and they dont separate the trash and all the bad odors, flys are around there and that is very very bad. FL

Can you tell me what the fascination is with the Kardashians? Why are they so popular . They all look so fake it is not funny. I just do not understand how they make so much money when they have no talent . 9y3x

A few days ago, I witnessed a horrible car accident involving a truck and a car that flipped onto another. Apparently, a young woman had been on her phone and didn't notice traffic in front of her had stopped. I remember riding past it praying they were okay. At least five other motorists who passed by the accident WERE RECORDING FROM THEIR CELL PHONES. Is nothing off-limits? These people could be dead but are definitely seriously injured. A little boy was in one of those vehicles scared to death his grandmother was dead because of how the flipped car fell on theirs. If you want to rubberneck, fine. But keep that recording crap! I later saw on my town's Facebook page a recording and someone saying "praying for the people involved, this is terrible, so close to Christmas, too." I wanted to scream. Prayers don't need video accompanimant. Are we that foregone as a society that we can't express sympathy without "proof" as to why it's appropriate for this situation? Say your prayers to you