I hate it that i busted my ass off for a company just for them to bring someone else in a give him my postion. A2V5NAZFXWOFXE

I hate politics. I'm also not to fond of the human race. Since the beginning of time we have done nothing, as a species, other than spread out and destroy. Now we have this thing called, politics. I hate it because most all politicians are liars. Especially Donald Trump. I don't even see how that baffoon got elected.

I’ve lived in five states since my divorce and have rented a place to live in each one, mostly with a year lease and I have not violated one. I have had the property manager try to shaft me on several, and all attempts failed. I lived in Grapevine, Texas when I moved there when the company I worked for was trying to expand. I moved in with the stipulation that if my employer decided to cease operations, I could break the lease without repercussions. Sure enough, seven months later the jobs went dry and I was forced to move back to Colorado. Three months later, I received a letter from a lawyer stating that I owed X number of dollars for breaking the lease and damage to the apartment. As expected, it was a different property manager, they change so frequently, and the agreement I had made with the original one was null and void. Luckily, the original property manager and I had written out our agreement and it was signed by both of us as an attachment to the lease agreement. It seems