why does society allow thes half naked women who do not have any real talents be idols for their small children? why is that the normal thing in this day and age? why do you think the world is the way that it is. we are allowing it. we subject ourselves and our daughters to this culture and wonder why things go down a different route. A1ANSFI5L7SUUH

I hate when people schedule and appointment and then come in late. when they come in late they say they have to leave early to go to another appointment. They should just reschedule! No proper care can be done in restricted times less than 30 minutes! Just Reschedule !!! AH109UK9A5JZM

I don't understand why the media places so much emphasis on negative news stories. These stories make it seem that there is no good within humanity and that we simply want to do harm to others. I think the media should strive to air more positive aspects within society. Maybe those stories will have positive impacts within our youths and society at large. GIHFQ94

It really bugs me that everything these days is political. A person can't do or say anything without someone taking offense or reading a hidden meaning into everything that is done or said. Real discussion is dead.